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Greetings from Kyrgyzstan

Dear all, Greetings from Yuri, from Lake Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan! This is where I chose to stay during this global crisis that we are at.

Curiosity led us to Zardaly

Southern Kyrgyzstan is full of surprises. There are so many wild valleys, dream-like landscapes, mysteries to be uncovered. Kyrgyzstan does not fail to impress. It is mesmerising how much variety in landscapes and cultures there is here.

Another adventure in the spirit of Yuri!

Another work journey at Yuri's speed – fast and packed with sights and adventures. In a week we drove from Istanbul to Yerevan, passing through most of Georgia on the way. The language of road signs changed faster than even the weather outside.

Adventures: winter/spring 2019

Hello, dear friends. Whew, it’s been a wild winter-spring. Our main season is yet to start, but we had two amazing tours of Kyrgyzstan, one of Bulgaria during the winter mummers, and one of Uzbekistan.

Nawruz in Bishkek

There is no holiday quite like Nawruz. People come together to celebrate: spring’s coming, nature’s blooming, the year’s beginning.

Easter. The Bulgarian Way

The fun starts on the Thursday before Easter. We don’t hide or hunt our Easter eggs. We colour them. We wake up early, before sunrise and before work, we boil the eggs, then dip them into colourful dyes. The first egg is always red.

Soviet bus stops

The Soviet Union sought to master nature. It built roads and towns where no human civilisation had ever succeeded. It took pride in its colourful bus shelters, symbol of its interconnected world.


Every Bishkek citizen, inviting you to visit his or her country, will proudly note it only takes half an hour to reach the mountains from the heart of the city. ‘To the real mountains! Tall and harsh! Not any hills!’ And it is true.

Where The Wild Things are...

These remnants of the Soviet collective economy can easily appear to be monsters from another dimension. But these ‘monsters’ once had a purpose.

Aurora Sanatorium

Aurora is an architectural landmark on the northern shore of Issyk Kul, some four hours from Bishkek. The Aurora Sanatorium was built in 1979 exclusively for the Communist Party elite.

Tikvenik on Christmas Eve

Bulgaria is the biggest pumpkin producer in the EU. Pumpkins are big in Bulgarian culture and literature. They play a central role in many short stories by Bulgaria’s most famous novelists, Elin Pelin, Yordan Radichkov, to name a few.