Greetings from Kyrgyzstan

Dear all,

Greetings from Yuri, from Lake Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan! This is where I chose to stay during this global crisis that we are at. 

We are just done doing 12,000 km across Siberia and Kazakhstan’s wild roads, researching for our new Mongolia and Siberia tour in 2021. 


I will be in Kyrgyzstan for at least a month and maybe more - writing, exploring the mountains, staying away of the madness. 

We still have amazing tours in fall 2020 and 2021: Bulgaria; the western Balkans; Romania and Moldova; Armenia and Georgia; Central Asia and the Silk Road. 

The decision is ultimately yours to travel or not, as soon as restrictions are lifted. But not travelling, when you can, is giving in to fear. Fear has never led to good things. Fear has brought sadistic dictators to power, and fear has kept terrible regimes in place. Fear makes us follow blindly, instead of opening our eyes and cherishing what we have: a wonderful, albeit troubled, humanity. 

Wash your hands. But don’t do it only now - do it always. Support those in need. But don’t do it only now - do it always. Don’t turn a blind eye to corruption and injustice, just because it’s a ’state of emergency’. We can overcome, but we can only do it together. 

Do get in touch. We want you to travel. The economy of our part of the world, from the Balkans to Central Asia, will suffer immensely from the present quarantine situation. It will hurt disproportionately the poor - those working at markets, at restaurants and cafes, at businesses that will close during the coronavirus outbreak, and may never reopen afterwards. On our trips we’ve always supported precisely those communities that are hit hard now. The decision is yours. You can make a difference in this world. 

We are happy to offer discounts for any of our tours starting in the next two years.